How Our Loans Work

If you are faced with an unexpected but necessary car repair or perhaps have an emergency medical bill that can’t wait to be paid, finding extra cash in a short amount of time can be a stressful experience.

We at are here to help! This website is not a lender and we don’t make loans or extend credit to consumers. What we do offer is a free-of-charge referral service to a large network of payday loan lenders. These lenders specialize in short-term loans- the types of loans which can help consumers who are faced with immediate cash needs but don’t have the time or financial resources to go through a traditional type lender, such as a bank or credit union. keeps the loan process simple and easy to understand. The first step in your loan application process is to fill out the loan application which can be found on our website. Simply fill out this form completely and honestly and then click “submit”. It’s important to remember that not all applicants will qualify for a payday loan and approval is not guaranteed.

Once you submit your application, will share your information with one or more lenders in the network. This website’s goal is to match every applicant with a suitable lender, but sometimes this does not happen. We cannot promise or guarantee that you will be matched. Submitting an application form does not automatically mean that you will be matched successfully.

Every lender has their own rules and regulations regarding the requirements that applicants must meet for approval. Each specific lender makes the loan approval decision. does not have any say or influence on the final loan approval outcome.

When and if you are approved for a payday loan, you will be directed to the lender’s website to finalize the terms of your loan. The lender may also contact you directly if more detailed information is needed. You should keep in mind that most lenders will perform a routine credit check on most applicants. But a low credit score or poor credit history does not mean you should not apply for a payday loan or will be turned away.

Lenders generally verify the information which you provide on your application. This includes the social security number, address, and phone numbers. To avoid delays in processing your application, make sure you have included all the necessary information correctly. Remember that each lender makes the decision of whether to approve or disapprove a loan request. is not involved in the loan approval process in any way.

Once your loan has been finalized, you should fully review all the terms and conditions of your loan contract. It is your responsibility to understand these terms. If you have any questions regarding your loan, you should contact your lender directly. If you are not satisfied with terms of your loan agreement, you may refuse to accept the loan. Until you formally sign the contract, it is your prerogative to decline the loan offer at any time.

Loan transfer times vary among lenders. Not all lenders offer one hour transfer times nor do they lend the maximum amount of money ($1000). When you apply for a payday loan, there is no guarantee of what amount of loan proceeds you will be approved for. This is completely up to the individual lender.

Most cash funds are wired to your bank account within one business day. This is subject to specific state regulations and also can be affected by your own bank’s rules.

Any time you borrow money it is a serious responsibility. Payday loans are short-term loans meaning that they are designed to be fully repaid within a very short period of time (normally two weeks or your next payday). For this reason, it is important for consumers to think carefully before accepting a payday loan agreement.

You should be certain that you will be able to re-pay the loan when it is due. Failure to live up to the terms and conditions of your loan can lead to the lender starting collection proceedings against you to recover the money you owe. Also, renewal policies vary by lender but they will undoubtedly come with added fees, interest, and penalties.

Always consider other sources of cash before committing to a short-term loan. Credit cards sometimes offer cash advances. Ask your employer if it is possible to get a cash advance on your pay. Maybe you have a close friend or relative who might be able to loan you the money you need. Investigate all of your options before signing a loan agreement. It’s in your best interest!

For any other questions regarding payday advance loans, check our FAQs section. Here you will find the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions regarding short-term loans.

For information related to costs for short-term loans, read through the Rates & Fees page on our website. This should help clear up any questions you may have dealing with fees, APRs, and other costs associated with payday loans.

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Not all lenders can provide your requested loan. Cash transfer times may vary between lenders and depend on your individual bank. Repayment terms vary by lenders and local laws. For details, questions or concerns regarding your payday advance, please contact your lender directly.

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