Saving Money

Do you visit your local coffeehouse each morning for that $5.00 latte? Do you go out to lunch every day with friends or co-workers? Do you smoke cigarettes? We all have guilty pleasures (and some not-so-healthy ones) that we regularly spend money on, many times without giving it much thought. If you brew your own coffee at home, there's a savings of $25 a week or $100 a month. That's a fairly easy way to begin a savings plan! The key is to start, no matter how small. It really adds up.

Basics of saving

Savings is a smart, short-term way to plan for a purchase. Whether it's a medical emergency, or unexpected car repairs, or just something you hope to buy, having cash available allows you to be prepared for life's surprises without worrying about using credit.


Why is saving important?

It's important to get in the habit of saving. When you save for something specific, it can be very rewarding to pay for it in cash. The idea of waiting and saving for something is sometimes lost in today's culture of instant credit and immediate gratification. But the process of saving can be an enabling one. It allows you to take control of your finances rather than having your debt control you. Your financial picture is always improved by not having to take on any new credit.

Remember, the important thing is to start. Even if it's a small amount at first, the savings will add up.

How to start saving

Here are some smart tips to successful saving:


The Importance of Saving

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